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We have over thirty categories that you can choose, each with dozens of solid Biblical resources to further your relationship with God and others. You can go through any of our topics such as Faith, God's Will, Spiritual Gifts, Spiritual Warfare, The Disciplines and Worship.
We have set up our websites as simply and easily organized as we can. This is a tough task because we have over a thousand content items from over thirty years of research and practice. Our goal is to provide you with the best most comprehensive and practical tools and resources you need to grow your spiritual life and church closer to Christ, and in so doing impact your neighborhood and world.

With these "Topical" categories, you can pick and choose your own discipleship plan and path. We also set up for you many of our courses in "Curriculum Levels," 101, 201... at the Curriculum and How to Start pages. These are very flexible and comprehensive fit for any Bible believing Christian across denominational lines who want to grow closer to Christ.

Who are they for: Pastors, Elders, Deacons, Church Leaders, Seminary Professors and Students and any Christian who wants more than a tickling message.
What about Men's or Women's groups: Our resources are also designed to be used individually and are also not gender exclusive, as they can be used by women's as well as men's groups. In our experience, most Men use the Accountability and Character Studies and the Women groups tend to use the Fruit of the Spirit and Faith Studies first. Both also use our Small Group Curriculum Model Doing Life Together.

What about Mentoring and Small Groups: Thus, any of our materials can be used for small groups, mentoring, in large groups, retreats, personal devotions or group discipleship. These can also be used for Bible studies and even sermon resources. We have extra resources on our Mentoring and Small Groups channels.

  • Keep in mind many of our studies have far more material and Scriptural passages than you need or will use. Thus, when you read through it, first mark which points you feel led to cover and use the rest for a second time or give to them as a handout for their own.
  • Remember we cannot do the work of God unless we are the People of God, we cannot teach what we do not know or do!
  • You can customize these resources for most any situation: For youth groups, small groups, Sunday school, retreats, or personal study.

How Can I use them Individually: These studies on discipleship are laid out for you to study on your own individually (which I strongly recommend before teaching it), or to use them as personal devotions. They are very flexible.

These are flexible as each category has or will have over forty 40 Studies (we are still developing and uploading our materials. If there is something you do not see and need try our search or let us know).

More info here How to Start

Recovery Track: is designed as an addition or supplement to a good inpatient or outpatient treatment center. They can also be used for deviations to keep a life of sobriety.

And most important do not forget to pray! We recommend spending at least of your time in prayer. Pray before class with the leaders, then start off with an opening prayer, and end in small groups of 3 to 4 for prayer.

Topical Categories in Discipleship

What is Discipleship
Call to Discipleship
Discipleship Essentials
Bible Reading Guides
Scripture Memory
Developing Faith
The Prayer Life
Devotional Life
Fruit of the Spirit
Dealing with Suffering
God's Will
Growing in Christ
Intimacy with God
Lordship of Jesus
Love & Forgiveness
Personal Life
Spiritual Formation
Spiritual Gifts
Spiritual Warfare
The Workplace
Understanding God
Understanding other Religions
The Disciplines
Bible Studies

Permission: YES you may go ahead use and reprint and share our studies and articles. All we ask of you is to keep us in prayer, keep the name of our ministry, the authors name, link or URL address and any copyright information on the resources, and feel free to tell others especially pastors what we have to offer. And, of course, we always need partners and supporters to keep this going.

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