How to Start

Our curriculums are used by virtually every denomination from Reformed, Mainline to Charismatic, Baptists and even Catholics who want more out of Bible Study.
We have set up our websites as simply and easily organized as we can. This is a tough task because we have over a thousand content items from over thirty years of research and practice.
How to Use our Materials
Our goal is to provide you with the best most comprehensive and practical tools and resources you need to grow your spiritual life and church closer to Christ, and in so doing impact your neighborhood and world.
Curriculum Track: We set up about half of our studies in these steps from 101 to 901.

Starting out on the Road to Spiritual Growth

  • 101: Discipleship 101, Basics, Why, God Bible and You, Prayer, Bible Reading, Who Christ is, what He has done…
  • 201: Discipleship 201, Developing a Devotional Life, Fruit of the Spirit, Repentance and Confession…
  • 501: Discipleship 501  Christian Living, More Characters, Love and Relationships, Spiritual Gifts…
  • 901: Discipleship 901 , Leadership Training… Discipleship Training, Mentoring how to use it and teach God’s Word ad Way…

These are flexible as each category has or will have over forty 40 Studies (we are still developing and uploading our materials. If there is something you do not see and need try our search or let us know).

Theological Perspective: We take the highest view of God’s most precious Word; we are Reformed, Conservative and passionate Evangelicals who want to seek the heart of Christ and thus see the Church reformed closer to Christ as LORD.
Our materials, articles and studies are written from an “inductive perspective,” thus we do not read into the Text any preconceived denominational perceptive or theological agenda.
Who are they for: Pastors, Elders, Deacons, Church Leaders, Seminary Professors and Students and any Christian who wants more than a tickling message.
What about Mentoring and Small Groups: Any of our materials can be used for small groups, mentoring, in large groups, retreats, personal devotions or group discipleship. These can also be used for Bible studies and even sermon resources.
How Can I use them as a Leader: If you are the leader, the opportunity is yours to put more into it if you have the time. If you are in a pinch, all you need to do is read through it first and go for it... the more effort the “more” results you will receive in your own life and then impart on your students.
The Format
Each study contains the essential passages and elements written in a paragraph and outline format, with ample further Scripture references. It is designed for the student or leaders to go through it alone or in a group. Perhaps as you go over the material, mark the parts your students need to know and make sure you have time to cover them. Save the rest for when you have time, or go back to it after a year or so as review.
So How Do I Start?
First read through the study, article or curriculum, then the leaders guide section by section as you get ready to teach it. It is best to at least skim the whole thing too, to give you a general overview. After you have gone over it, highlight the sections and options you will do, and go over in the “lesson” section and pick the points you wish to cover.
You may not have enough time to cover it all. You can make it into a talk, re-say it in your own words, just read it with interest and excitement, let them read it themselves, or read it like “Jeopardy” questions. Be creative! Do not spend too much of the class time with this, even though it is the most important part of the lesson. Encourage the students to read the section in advance before the class.
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