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The Dead Sea Scrolls and Bible Truth
April 3, 2016 at 4:30 AM
The important fact about the text of the Dead Sea scrolls is that it is for all practical purposes identical with the one-thousand-year-old Maso­retic text of the Hebrew Bible; on which all modern translations are based. Therefore, it is apparent that the Old Testament text has undergone virtually no change in the past two thousand years. This conclusion materially sup­ports the scholars of all conservative persuasions and greatly strengthens the confidence of the average layman in the Old Testament.
On this point an archbishop of the Syrian church, Mar Athanasius Yeshue Samuel, who was one of the first men to see the scrolls after they were taken from the caves near the Dead Sea, says:
The scrolls establish the fact that the Bible was written before and during the time of Christ, not in the Middle Ages as some have maintained. This proves that the Bible in our hands today is the true Bible. Now we can say with certainty that the prophecy of Isaiah was written before the birth of Christ. The truth of all the prophecies is reaffirmed and strengthened by this fact.

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