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RE:Make your children go
March 20, 2003 at 10:31 PM
i agree with u..... we should b made to go to church (i say "we" cause i'm 13). i ALWAYS had to go to church every sunday. now, i got so used to it, i actually WANT to go. :-) my dad is reeeeally proud of me, too.

love u all,
bekah. p.s. xoxoxo :-*
RE:Make your children go
January 16, 2002 at 5:31:04 PM
After those days he will instill his laws on you and me.
No longer then remembering our sins or lawless deeds.
If we then sin willfully after acquiring knowledge given.
Fire devours those opposed the way we should be living.

Parrents,teachers straying away responsibility they have.
Instill fear of our lord god though it makes our children mad.
Respect has gone, fears a challenge to see how far it will go.
Discipline of love, teach truth least respect for god has shown.

women who will take a child's father, please leave him alone.
God doses not him lead astray but you find the same of your own.
Father, thought she is younger, that woman is not her mother.
What you are doing hurts your wife baby girl and her brother

Saddened for those who in life have chose a partner of the same.
This is a preference so to honor god sex you will have to abstain.
Lyres are we even reasons to be to avoid another's sorrow.
Cold hard truths come easily if we fear what may come tomorrow.

The knowledge when given is clear but not so easy to use.
Every day brings a test of faith to strengthen the inner you.
People, god is love but we must show the same.
Let not your sons in the book of life miss his mothers name.

Make your children go
January 15, 2002 at 5:31:04 PM
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